Late Night Tapas
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Late Night Tapas

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Get the party started with all the ingredients and accessories you need for a terrific tapas platter.

Featured in this gift are two of the earthy, elegant ceramic Robert Gordon serving dishes that are just perfect for entertaining. There are savoury items to enjoy like extra virgin olive oil together with dukkah, marinated olives, honey & spice nuts, quince paste, fig & apple chutney, and delicious seed crisps for cheese. Then there are sweeter treats like honey almond nougat, dark chocolate, and salted caramel fudge - yum!

This gift makes for a very impressive host! 

Late Night Tapas contains:

  • Robert Gordon Mason dish in black and slate grey
  • 3 Drops Extra Virgin Olive Oil 500ml
  • Riki Kaspi Egyptian Dukkah 100g
  • Ogilvie Antipasto Olives 115g
  • Valley Produce Company Valley Seed Crisps Cranberry & Hazelnut 170g
  • Golden Whisk Honey & Spice Mixed Gourmet Nuts 100g
  • Rinaldi Roasted Almond Nougat with Iron Bark Honey 175g
  • Bahen & Co House Blend 70% Cacao Chocolate 75g
  • Fudge By Rich Salted Caramel Fudge
  • Vinofood Fig Chardonnay & Apple Chutney 115g 
  • Maggie Beer Quince Paste 100g
  • Deluxe signature Ginger B gift box