Hot Chocolate Hug Deluxe
Hot Chocolate Hug Deluxe
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Hot Chocolate Hug Deluxe

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A more indulgent version of our Hot Chocolate Hug gift box!

Featuring premium drinking chocolate by Grounded Pleasures, paired with their fluffy raspberry and vanilla marshmallows, for a decadent hot chocolate experience, perfectly enjoyed in the pastel pink 'Hug Mug' by Robert Gordon... very aptly named given that hot chocolates really do feel like a big warm hug... right?

Paired with this decadent hot chocolate experience, we have an equally decadent rocky road by The Little Bakery, along with some soft, chewy salt kissed caramels by Golden Whisk... ooh la la!!

Hot Chocolate Hug Deluxe contains:

  • Robert Gordon 'Hug Mug' in pastel pink
  • The Little Bakery Rocky Road
  • Grounded Pleasures Exquisite Drinking Chocolate - your choice from:
    • Exquisite Original
    • Vanilla Bean
    • Noir
  • Grounded Pleasures Exquisite Marshmallows
  • Golden Whisk Salt Kissed Caramels
  • Deluxe signature Ginger B gift box