Takeaway Menu

We encourage all of our customers to please SMS their coffee orders, to help keep transactions swift and social interactions minimal, during this difficult time. Let's hope we don't find ourselves needing to survive this crisis without good coffee!

Not only do we have (the best!) coffee, we also make a mean chai brewed from a fresh honey coated chai tea blend that is naturally sweet, as well as a rich, brooding hot chocolate, using 50% cacao drinking chocolate by Bahen & Co.

You can also add to your text order all of your favourite treats for yourself and the kiddies, so that your whole order is ready to go when you arrive.

Download our menu HERE and SMS to 0498 861 652.

Please note, our hours have recently changed to 7-11am, Tuesday to Saturday.

All payments must be contactless, and no Keep Cups for the time being.

Thanks for your cooperation, and helping to keep the community safe.