Cocolux Onyx Candle


The coveted new collection by Cocolux.

These are truly exceptional candles in their beautiful, solid onyx vessels and exuding delicate fragrances infused in coconut wax. Each onyx vessel exhibits natural variation in its colour tones and veins, making each one unique and special. 

Choose from either the more feminine scent of Amber, Orris Root & Tuberose housed in smoked onyx (grey veined), or the more masculine scent of Violet Tabac housed in Alabaster onyx (earthy veined).

A stunningly luxurious candle, and equally beautiful to repurpose once the candle has evaporated.

Cocolux Onyx Candle options:

  • Amber, Orris Root & Tuberose in Smoked Onyx 200g
    A light floral scent infused with sweet, spiced based tones
  • Violet Tabac in Alabaster Onyx 200g
    Rich woody base with elements of spice and seductive floral top notes


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