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GH Produce Sauces
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GH Produce Sauces

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The GH Produce range are designed by Perth chef Glen Hagger, and are handmade from the highest quality, almost exclusively organic, local and imported ingredients. His range is built on paleo and gluten-free principles.

Recently released are his new range of 'Primitively Sauced' paleo sauces!

GH Produce Sauces include:

  • Green Goddess Jalapeno & Desert Lime Sauce - A little heat from WA jalapenos and a great zing from Australian desert limes. This sauce can be enjoyed with any local fresh seafood or can to spruce up a chicken salad. Heat 3/10.
  • Tomato & Pepperberry Ketchup - Showcasing a native Australian ingredient, the pepperberry, giving this ketchup an incredibly aromatic flavour and barbecue sauce quality.