Kookery Linen Wares


Kookery is an Australian brand creating quirky designs and fun puns, all centred around our daily rituals of food, tea and coffee.

Guaranteed to generate a laugh, they are both fun and functional, made with 100% pure linen.

The tea towels can even be used as wall hangings in the kitchen!

A great addition to any gift hamper.

We typically stock the following designs:

Tea Towels

  • 'They Tried To Give Me Decaf But I Said No, No, No'
  • 'In Caffeine We Trust'
  • 'To Brie Or Not To Brie, That Is Not A Question'
  • 'Grin and Camembert It'
  • 'Too Many Cookbooks Not Enough Dinners'
  • 'A Teapot Shared is A Problem Halved'
  • 'Pastry, That's How I Roll'

Baguette Bags

  • 'Baguette Me Not'
  • 'Forgive and Baguette'

Wine Totes

  • 'Life is A Cabernet'
  • 'Wine Not'
  • 'Have Wine Bring Cheese'
  • 'Once Upon A Vine'

Ham Bag

  • 'Ham Is For Life Not Just For Christmas'


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