Lady Latte


This gift is an experience for any coffee loving lady.

The journey doesn't even begin with the coffee cup, it begins in the shower! Bringing an invigorating start to the day is the aromatic coffee scrub from Buff & Polish, using ground coffee beans and Epsom salts together with nourishing oils for smooth, fresh skin.

Continuing to think beyond the bean, we have cracked coffee chocolate from Bahen & Co hitting the caffeine spot on two levels, then a sweeter coffee hit with the Yahava Koffee & Almond nougat.

And of course, she can enjoy the perfect coffee crema provided by the delicious beans from Pound Coffee Roastery, sipped from trendy Robert Gordon latte cups.

Plus the option to add a quirky design linen tea towel by Kookery.


Lady Latte contains:

  • Buff & Polish Scrub 200g, choice of:
    • Coffee & Wild Orange
    • Coffee & Peppermint
  • Robert Gordon Hardware Lane Latte Cups x 2 in mint green
  • Pound Coffee Roastery - Pound Blend 250g
  • Bahen & Co Cracked Coffee 70% Cacao Chocolate 75g
  • Bettenay's Margaret River Nougat Co Yahava Koffee & Almond Nougat 100g
  • Deluxe signature Ginger B gift box

Optional addition:

  • Kookery Pure Linen Tea Towel with design 'In Caffeine We Trust' or 'They Tried to Give Me Decaf But I Said No No No'


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