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The Lark Perfumery collection is inspired by the simple beauty in the everyday moments and experiences that living in Australia provides. Designed to evoke memories and transport us...

Lark draws on the ancient practice of solid perfume where fragrance was concentrated within a balm. It is a unique wind-up solid perfume using naturally derived botanical ingredients.

There are six fragrances in the collection, designed exclusively for Lark by renowned local scentsmith Ainslie Walker.

The beautiful perfume packaging captures the original work of Australian artist Rosalie Hall, who paints for the love of the canvas and the natural beauty around her. 

Lark Perfumery collection includes:

Barefoot Rose

A liberated blend of rose absolute oils provide an indulgent heart to this unmistakably rose-centric fragrance. Rare and exquisite Australian brown Boronia and Kunzia enhance the rose's unique deep, woody and honeyed facets.

Fragrance notes: Boronia, Kunzea, Bulgarian rose, Moroccan rose, geranium, rosewood, guaiac wood, bay leaf.


Sweet ambered woods, tobacco and French lavender draw you in. Head turning with a  backdrop of smouldering vetiver and sensual with base notes of precious sandalwood and exotic vanilla.

Fragrance notes: Sweet tobacco, sandalwood, patchouli, vetiver, vanilla, labdanum, tonka bean, benzoin, French lavender, clary sage.


Warm woody breezes,  the breath of country air, comforting Cedarwood dances with indigenous sandalwood and light dusky florals. Enjoy glimpses of sweet citrus - Cedrat, bitter orange and aromatic mandarin.

Fragrance notes: Black Spruce, Atlas and Texas cedarwood, mandarin, bitter orange, cedrat, violet.


An intoxicating floral bouquet of sweet neroli, rose, and alluring jasmine. A hint of pink grapefruit and bergamot join the frivolity.

Fragrance notes: Geranium, ylang ylang, Bulgarian rose, jasmine, neroli, pink grapefruit, mandarin, bergamot, cardamom.


A perfect harmony. Precious sweet white florals, honeysuckle, jasmine and sunlit roman chamomile singing on a bed of sandalwood in this, uplifting and bright scent.

Fragrance notes: Sambac and grandiflorum jasmine, Roman chamomile, honeysuckle, pink grapefruit, sandalwood, boronia.


Cool, sweet and green, like the unfolding of a fern, with a heart of geranium, amongst twists of citrus;  bergamot, petitgrain and pink grapefruit.  

Fragrance notes: Moroccan rose, lavender absolute, French lavender, tonka bean, oakmoss, bergamot, geranium, pink grapefruit, petitgrain.