Late Night Tapas
Late Night Tapas
Late Night Tapas
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Late Night Tapas

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Get the party started with all the ingredients you need for a terrific tapas platter.

There are savoury items to enjoy like parmesan infused olive oil, dukkah, honey & spice nuts, as well as delicious condiments to pair with cold cuts and cheeses such as zucchini relish, beetroot relish, and fig & apple chutney. We also have the delectable fennel & sea salt graham crackers by Knutsford Gourmet, and gluten free watercrackers, perfect for dipping and for topping with cheese.

Add to this a selection of sweet treats too, like ginger & almond nougat, dark native plum infused chocolate, salted macadamia toffee pieces and the deliciously fudgey chocolate ganache with orange, pistachio and quinoa, from Pana Organic - yum!

Together with a beautiful pate knife for serving, this gift makes for a very impressive host! 

Late Night Tapas contains:

  • Olio Bello Parmesan Infused Extra Virgin Olive Oil 50ml
  • Riki Kaspi Egyptian Dukkah
  • Knutsford Gourmet Fennel & Sea Salt Graham Crackers
  • Valley Produce Company Potato Crackerthins
  • Golden Whisk Honey & Spice Mixed Gourmet Nuts
  • Olio Bello Zucchini Relish
  • Vinofood Fig Chardonnay & Apple Chutney
  • Vinofood Beetroot & Shiraz Relish
  • Bettenay's Ginger & Almond Nougat
  • Cailo Ooray 70% Cacao Chocolate
  • The Toffee Factory Salted Macadamia Toffee
  • Pana Organic Orange Pistachio & Quinoa Ganache
  • Caravel Homewares Pate Knife
  • Deluxe signature Ginger B gift box 


  • Swap out the Olio Bello Zucchini Relish to make way for a bottle of Leeuwin Estate Siblings Sauvignon Blanc or Shiraz*

*Please note: Gifts containing alcohol may only be purchased by and delivered to persons 18 years or over.

Please also note: Pate knife style, and the flavours of some items, may vary gift to gift, but we always endeavour to keep exactly as per listed contents.