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Give the gift of sweet dreams with this calming combination of all natural products for baby.

Begin their soothing routine with a relaxing aromatherapy wash bu Jack N Jill, using the soft cotton wash cloth by Salus to tend to their delicate skin. 

Spritz baby's room with the 'Bebe Calme' wellness atomiser by La Sante, utilising essential oils designed to settle body and mind.

Finally, provide comfort with a pure cotton bunny comforter to snuggle up to and become a soothing companion.

The perfect gift of tranquility...

Lullaby contains:

  • La Sante 'Bebe Calme' Wellness Atomiser
  • Weegoamigo Cotton Bunny Comforter
  • Salus Cotton Wash Cloth
  • Jack N Jill Shampoo & Body Wash 'Serenity'
  • Deluxe signature Ginger B gift box