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Say Cheese

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This gift box has remained one of our most popular hampers for good reason - cheese and wine are a match made in heaven! This gift explores some of the delectable accompaniments to their gourmet romance, perfect for entertaining, or simply a luxurious night in....

A recent inclusion to this gift is a beautiful hand crafted serving board, by local Perth man Miles, of Trunk & Maker. Prepared from She Oak, it is lightweight and has a wonderful natural pattern through the timber. A functional size for both at home, and for outdoor activities and picnics, remaining as a lasting part of the gift.

On the gourmet side, we firstly need crackers! Here we have two varieties from Knutsford Gourmet, a Perth producer focussed on creating the perfect cheese and cracker pairings! The ever popular fennel & sea salt graham crackers, suited to a strong blue or mature cheddar, and the maple syrup & pink peppercorn lavosh, suited to aged soft cheeses. These crackers are so good you can devour them - cheese or no cheese! 

A decadent addition is the pure honeycomb by our local favourite, South West Honey. It oozes luxury on a cheese platter, and pairs beautifully with both hard and soft cheeses - simply perfect for the entertainer. We also have the classic quince paste, produced in Perth by Golden Whisk, providing a sweet and tangy contrast to all cheeses, a favourite accompaniment on any cheese board.

We then add some sweetness with a traditional treat of honey almond nougat, Australian made, but in the Italian tradition. It is indulgently soft and delicious, and accompanies cheese beautifully, or can simply be enjoyed on its own.

For some, chocolate can not be overlooked, so we have the option to add a block of the bittersweet dark 90% house blend by Bahen & Co, produced in Margaret River.

And please don't forget the all important wine! A wide selection awaits but our recommendations lie with a deep, brooding red such as the Cullen Merlot Malbec Petit Verdot, or the Leeuwin Estate Siblings or Art Series Shiraz.

Sit back and enjoy the evening that shall unfold...

Say Cheese contains:

  • Your choice of wine*
  • Trunk & Maker hand crafted serving board in She Oak or Tuart Oak
  • Knutsford Gourmet Maple Syrup & Pink Peppercorn Lavosh
  • Knutsford Gourmet Fennel & Sea Salt Graham Crackers
  • South West Honey Honeycomb
  • Rinaldi Iron Bark Honey & Almond Nougat
  • Golden Whisk Quince Paste
  • Optional: Bahen & Co House Blend 90% Cacao
  • NEW Deluxe matte black with gold foil Ginger B gift box

*Please note: Gifts containing alcohol can only be purchased by and delivered to persons 18 years or over.