Summer Vibes
Summer Vibes
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Summer Vibes

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Summer - that time of year when we feel invigorated by the sunshine and the sea, filled with inspiration for the new year ahead!

This gift is perfect for the wandering soul that likes to follow the sun, with a beautiful cotton wash cloth and black clay travel soap to take on adventures, sunscreen and pawpaw nectar to protect and nourish in the elements, and a book of 'Daily Mantras' by the popular Lisa Messenger, to inspire and reflect on one's journey.

Perfect summer vibes!

Summer Vibes contains:

  • Collective Hub 'Daily Mantras' book, by Lisa Messenger
  • We Are Feel Good Inc Signature 50+ Sunscreen 200ml
  • We Are Feel Good Inc Paw Paw Nectar
  • Salus Black Clay Travel Soap
  • Salus Cotton Wash Cloth
  • Deluxe signature Ginger B gift box