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Tea For Me
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Tea For Me

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A gift for the tea lover, this creates the perfect opportunity for some well deserved down time with a quality tea, a beautiful Robert Gordon ceramic tea mug, and plenty of sweet treats to complement.

Local tea merchant XO Tea, specialise in premium quality, organic tea selections, and here we have included a unique 'Native Wellness' tea featuring green tea leaves together with Australian native ingredients lemon myrtle and pepperberry. You may request another XO Tea variety if preferred. The tea sits beautifully alongside the rustic crafted tea mug by Robert Gordon.

Since tea tends to call for a little sweet something to have with it, we have included a rich, honey laced almond nougat by Rinaldi, as well as an orange & hazelnut dark chocolate and honey macadamia milk chocolate by Bahen & Co in Margaret River. Not to mention, a delicious pack of Golden Oat biscuits by The Little Bakery (the perfect Anzac biscuit!).

This gift provides the delightful "me" time that tea is so wonderful for...

Tea For Me contains:

  • Robert Gordon 'Crafted' tea mug
  • XO Tea 'Native Wellness' tea
  • Rinaldi Roasted Almond Nougat with Orange Blossom Honey
  • Bahen & Co Orange & Hazelnut 70% Cacao Chocolate
  • Bahen & Co Honey Macadamia Organic Milk Chocolate
  • The Little Bakery Golden Oat Biscuits
  • Deluxe signature Ginger B gift box