Winter Wellness
Winter Wellness
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Winter Wellness

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A handy package to boost immunity and provide comfort when the winter season arrives and a little extra care is needed...

Including an organic immune boosting tea blend featuring native Australian botanicals, to provide some rejuvenation and warmth, which is perfect to enjoy in the generously sized Robert Gordon hug mug.

To pair with the tea, or even to add to a bowl of comforting porridge, we have the therapeutically active Redgum honey, naturally assisting wellbeing.

Plenty more warmth and comfort is provided with an aromatherapy heat pillow by Salus, perfect to cosy up with on the couch!

Not to mention a hand sanitiser that is naturally scented and active with eucalyptus, and such a pleasure to use!

Option to also add your choice of Salus lip balm, to nourish and protect dry lips during the winter months.

Winter Wellness includes:

  • Robert Gordon Hug Me Mug
  • XO Tea 'Native Uplift' Australian Immunity Tea
  • South West Honey Redgum Honey TA10+
  • Salus Organic Lavender & Jasmine Heat Pillow (assorted colours available)
  • Salus Eucalyptus Hand Sanitiser Spray
  • Optional: Salus Lip Balm of choice
  • Deluxe signature Ginger B gift box