Happy Belated New Year!

My my, how the year has started in a hurry! I missed my chance at an official Happy New Year welcome back to you all! We sincerely hope you had a wonderful festive break and had the opportunity to slow down and enjoy quality time with your loved ones. That really is the most special and treasured part of Christmas once all the excitement of food, gifts and celebration has calmed down.

Well it was certainly very busy at Ginger B in the lead up, many thanks are deserved to all our customers who helped make Christmas 2013 for us a great success. We hope that all the lucky recipients thoroughly enjoyed their lovingly prepared gifts! The feedback we received has been nothing short of heart-melting... It really is the reason I do this, I absolutely adore the feeling. I am so very grateful for those who shared the happiness they experienced from their gift.

Speaking of happiness... all things love are just around the corner with Valentine's Day soon approaching. Be sure to check out our new selection of gifts just for the occasion!

Valentine's Day gifts


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