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The salt of choice for Australia’s leading restaurants and Qantas’ business and first-class cabins, Olsson’s is the oldest family-owned salt company in Australia, producing salt since 1964 from the pristine sea waters of South Australia and Queensland.

The Olsson family have utilised three simple ingredients – sea water, sunshine and wind – to create sea salt flakes that are soft, sweet and delicate with an exceptional sea salt taste. 

Olsson's products we stock include:

  • Redgum Smoked Salt - Made in collaboration with Pialligo Estate Smokehouse in Canberra, this sea salt is cold smoked on red gum for 72 hours. Presented in a reusable stoneware jar with wooden serving spoon.
  • Redgum Smoked Salt Refill - To replenish your jar!
  • Sea Salt Flakes - Award-winning Olsson’s Sea Salt Flakes in a beautiful reusable  stoneware jar with wooden serving spoon. An excellent addition to any kitchen bench or family table.
  • Well Seasoned Traveller - The collection includes traditional sea salt flakes, mountain pepper blend, red gum smoked salt, lemon zest, grey salt and rosemary salt. Perfect for travel, or simply as a sampler set.