It's been a (very) long time since I last blogged, but in the past couple of weeks post Valentine's Day gift rush, I've had some quieter time to reflect and come back to my vision and purpose.

It's funny how the most mundane of tasks can sometimes bring you to the most vivid of realisations and thought. Whilst doing some household chores - ironing to be precise, which I rarely do - I had a very calm and somewhat meditative experience of sifting through my thoughts and feelings, pondering my business as it heads in new directions this year (watch this space!). When you are busy being "in it" day by day it becomes that classic case of not seeing the forest for the trees. I recognised that whilst I have experienced a lot of growth and success in such a short time, to take on these next challenges that await on the horizon I must revisit my philosophy, passion and purpose to ensure I am building from the right foundation. I don't know if those three "P's" are a thing, but I like the ring to it!

So, this shall be the beginning of my commitment to blog and share with you my drive, my values, my love of food, my life. To tell you how this all came about and to keep it personal and real. To share brand stories, product stories, to keep a thread always going of the 'why' of everything I am doing so as not to get lost and forget. It's my own little way of keeping accountable and on track. It will also be my way of unwinding my never ending myriad of thoughts, which I am sure my husband will be pleased to be saved from!

I hope these thoughts are not completely mindless drivel to you, I hope that you can enjoy the journey with me. I am excited to write and to create this healthy habit as I chronicle myself and the business. Whilst I should have started this a long time ago, it's never too late (banish the perfectionist inside that says otherwise!). Hopefully you get something out of it - connection, realism, inspiration, fun, anything! And please do comment if you have something to share in return.

Until my next entry... :) B x


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