First Birthday!!

What a whirlwind! What an achievement the past year has been! Ginger B went seriously next level with the huge leap from being a one-woman show to a bricks-and-mortar boutique with dedicated staff and all the bells and whistles! And not to mention how hugely significant the premises itself was.... securing a spot in the coveted State Buildings (the old Treasury building as people still like to refer to it). Not just the humble street boutique (although I do truly and utterly adore those), but prime real estate in the sublime new heritage precinct in the city.

The journey has been huge both personally and professionally. Small business is fraught with challenges, and going from an online only venture to the addition of a seven day trading physical store, and juggling life with a young family, was certainly one of them! However, I have also found that the rewards are equal to the measure of input. Focus, motivation and passion truly take you places. On the flip side too though, I now know that there are times when it is equally important to slow down to nurture yourself and those close to you, first and foremost, in order to maintain balance, regroup and grow, on every level.

Over the past year one of the most rewarding things I have found has been the exposure of our brand to so many new people. With active marketing not my forte, it is word-of-mouth promotion that has carried us through, and the beautiful presence of our boutique has shown so many more walks of life our offering and generated a discussion around quality gifting and customer service much further afield than I could have imagined.

I literally had a gentleman in the store yesterday who commented to me: "Your store is really beautiful. It is small, but it is perfectly formed." I just wanted to hold onto that moment and savour it a while, as it really is difficult sometimes to step back and see what others can, when they first experience your offering, your space, your creativity. I have had another similar comment where a customer said that they are always able to find something in our store, that we have just the right amount of things to not feel overwhelming or intimidating, and such a well curated selection. This feedback is so heartwarming, and I have had many more similar experiences that just really fill your soul.

So thank you to all those gorgeous people who share their feelings! We all make an imprint on the world, so why not make it important and meaningful, I believe.

Last week we celebrated our first birthday in the State Buildings with an intimate function, inviting some of our long standing and newly acquired clients, and it was a great success and so much fun! It really was an honour to be able to treat some of our customers and to verbally share our story too. I honestly believe that it is our stories that connect us and that spark a desire and embed a loyalty to do business with one another. Speaking from the heart in a professional setting took some courage, but I know it provided a huge insight into the foundation Ginger B is built on and the values within all that we create.

So, thank you to all of those who have read this post, or visited our store, purchased a gift for yourself or another, talked about us, followed us on social media, looked through our shop window on the way to dinner, browsed our website, had any sort of interaction with us at all! We appreciate each and every one of you! This year has certainly brought about some important reflection and it pays to look back to realise just how far you have come. It wouldn't be so without all of those combined moments from each of you, contributing to what it is today.

Much love,

Bianca - Director  - GINGER B


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