Where does the name 'Ginger B' come from?

The more obvious association is our ginger-haired founder of the business with a nickname "B" (for Bianca)!

However, the deeper meaning of the name is a feeling of encompassing the philosophy of the business, since ginger is both a food and a medicine, and Bianca being a gourmet lover and wellness seeker, it brings together her professional talents within natural health, with her lifestyle built knowledge of food and wine. This is where the uniqueness of the Ginger B selection really shines.

'B' is also symbolic of mindfulness, remaining present and true, to be. It forms part of leading a conscious lifestyle, which is a key tenet of our philosophy, underpinning all that we do. 

What delivery method do you use?

Please refer to our delivery page for details.

Can I add extra items to the hamper I select, such as a bottle of wine?

Yes, you certainly can! Please contact us directly so that we can best meet your requirements and offer our expertise with selections. You can expect a very timely response and from there we can quote you on your amended gift hamper and proceed!  

Can I create my own hamper?

Yes, this is definitely possible! Any of the products you see within the gifts available online or in our boutiques may be bundled together to form your very own, unique hamper. Or you may wish to simply tweak an existing gift design. Please contact us directly for this custom service.

Do you ever substitute products in your hampers?

On the odd occasion we may need to make substitutions due to item/s being out of stock or unavailable. Minor amendments we may make at our own discretion to ensure your gift is dispatched promptly, but any significant amendments we will always liaise with you regarding alternative product selections. 

Can I purchase a gift containing alcohol if I am under 18 years of age?

No, both the purchaser and the recipient must be 18 years or over. So, even if the gift is for an adult, legally you may not purchase it if you are under age.

How are the hampers packaged?

Products are nestled in wood wool, layered over with fine tissue paper, and then encased in premium magnetic closure boxes made from recycled material (also with the option to recycle again thereafter). A wide band grosgrain ribbon bow completes the luxurious look, plus a hand written note card for your personalised message. We encourage you to reuse the box for stylish home storage or return to us for regifting!

Can I add a message to my gift?

Yes, of course! At the checkout page there is a window prompt for your personalised gift message, which we will write by hand for your recipient for that extra special touch. This is included complimentary.

When something is called 'organic', what does that mean?

“Organic produce is grown and processed without the use of synthetic chemicals, fertilisers, or GMOs with a focus on environmentally sustainable practices. Organic systems are an innovative method of farming and production focused on soil and land health, and balanced eco-systems. Techniques used in organic agriculture deliver a diverse range of benefits and their potential is increasingly being recognised in the development of sustainable food and fibre technology for the future.

Organic food is not just chemical-free. Organic farmers take a holistic approach to food production and handling, and the whole system is linked - Soil. Plants. Animals. Food. People. Environment. Health.”

This definition has been extracted from Australian Organic, www.bfa.com.au

Please note, in the definition GMO refers to 'genetically modified organism'.

Furthermore, it is important to select products that are organic by looking for a certification logo on the packaging. This ensures that the product is not misleading in its claims and meets the strict guidelines outlined for certified organic production. These are some of the logos to look for on products:  

Australian Certified Organic logo Demeter biodynamic certification logo NASAA Certified Organic logo Organic Food Chain certified organic logo   USDA Organic certification logo

Learn more about organics with this complimentary resource to download, "Australian Organic Guide To: What is Organic?" (pdf).