Lady Latte
Lady Latte
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Lady Latte

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This gift offers a beautiful experience for a coffee loving lady to enjoy!

She can enjoy the perfect coffee crema provided by the Genesis signature coffee blend by Margaret River Roasting Co, all in the convenience of a pod! Perfect for busy ladies. A delicious flavour profile of milk chocolate, buttermilk and almond, makes for a rich cup of coffee... perfect to enjoy in the gorgeous Robert Gordon ceramic latte cups! A lovely textured outer surface and glazed inner surface make these a rustic luxe look and feel comforting to wrap your hands around, ideal for a creamy morning coffee...

Some sweet treats complement, with the inclusion of a decadent nougat selection box, featuring six unique and luxurious flavours - perfect to work one's way through gradually - or to bring out as a showstopper when entertaining! Plus some silky smooth organic milk chocolate by Bahen & Co, where simply a square or two becomes sublime when paired with a sip of coffee... ooh la la!

Coffee heaven!

Lady Latte contains:

  • Robert Gordon 'Granite' Ceramic Latte Cup set of 2
  • Margaret River Roasting Co 'Genesis' Blend Compostable Coffee Pods 30pk
  • Nougat & Nice Luxury Nougat Selection Box - 6 flavours
  • Bahen & Co Organic Milk Chocolate
  • Deluxe signature Ginger B gift box