Pink Gin
Pink Gin
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Pink Gin

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A luxe gift set featuring the popular pink gin by Giniversity with a flavour profile of berries and botanicals, paired with the perfectly designed Denver & Liely gin glass, to enhance the gin drinking experience and level-up your gin cocktail presentation!

Plus to coordinate with the pink theme, and to complement the drink mixing expertise, are some rose hued bar accessories! The gorgeous copper jigger makes measuring for cocktails effortless, and a cute copper pineapple shaped bottle stopper is ideal to use on open mixers such as tonic and prosecco.

Large ice cubes make for building the perfect drink, so the Clinq silicone ice cube tray with its 5cm cubes is ideal! 

And just for a dash of extra pretty pink goodness, we have the addition of a decadent chocolate treat, laced with raspberries to match the pink gin, and adorned in rose petals for a floral flourish.

Voila! The perfect pink gin gift set!

Pink Gin contains:

  • Giniversity Pink Gin 500ml*
  • Denver & Liely Gin Glass
  • Clinq Copper Pineapple Bottle Stopper
  • Clinq Copper Jigger
  • Clinq Marble Silicone Ice Cube Tray
  • Bahen & Co Raspberry & Rose 70% Cacao Chocolate
  • Deluxe signature Ginger B gift box

*Please note: Gifts containing alcohol may only be purchased by and supplied to persons 18 years of age or over.