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Tea is an age old tradition across the globe. Creating a link between the past history of tea and the creative world we live in today is something the XO Tea founders wanted to convey, to give the many varieties of tea their own unique voice.

Their 'Tea In Colour' tagline represents a lifestyle which connects XO Tea to past and present, whilst nurturing a fun outlook to encourage creativity moving forward for the brand.

Health is of utmost importance to their philosophy, which is why they work with certified organic ingredients, and stand true to no hidden additives.

XO Tea varieties include:


Aurora - Organic Night Time Tea

This tea is for those of us who have trouble switching off, or for those who just want to relax in the twilight.  Taste: Soft and fruity with medium floral tones.  Ingredients: Apple, chamomile, cassia, lemon verbena, linden leaf, lavender, chicory root, nutmeg, valerian root, hops leaf.

Bossa Nova - Organic Detox Green Tea

Sometimes we are so focused on the future that we forget to absorb and enjoy the present. For us, this blend represents the finite and individual nature of every moment. A detoxifying infusion for this moment.  Taste: Cleansing with sour, sweet and tangy notes.  Ingredients: Green tea, lemongrass, blueberries, ginger, natural flavour, lemon peel.

Casablanca - Organic Green, Mint & Strawberry

A blend of organic sencha, spearmint leaf and strawberry is our take on the traditional Moroccan delight of green tea and mint. It’s an infusion for the romantic in all of us.  Taste: Fresh with delicate fruit and mint notes.  Ingredients: Green tea, spearmint, peppermint leaf, natural flavour, rose petals.

Native Uplift - Australian Citrus Tea

A native Australian blend to uplift you on those dreary slow days and keep you balanced. A pick me up to protect the body and mind. To be enjoyed hot or iced.  Taste: Strong citrus flavour with a sweet peppery finish.  Ingredients: Native lemon myrtle, lemon tea tree, peppermint gum, pepper berry leaf, native thyme, lemongrass, passion fruit, passionflower, peppermint.

Parakeet Bay - Organic Green Tea, Peach & Mango

Peaches and mango blended with fresh organic sencha green tea makes for a harmonious balance between sweet and savoury. It’s the perfect summer refresher.  Taste: Cleansing with a summery fruit flavour.  Ingredients: Green tea, mango chips, natural flavour.

Popsicle - Organic Hibiscus, Lemon Myrtle & Raspberry

This herbal infusion is designed to complement the Australian summer. Its gorgeously vibrant red liquor is fruity and refreshing, and when iced it’s a perfect long drink to sip on while watching the sun go down.  Taste: Fruity and tart with a balanced berry/citrus flavour.  Ingredients: Apple, rosehips, hibiscus, raspberry, lemon balm, lemon myrtle, stevia leaf, calendula, freeze dried lemon.

Retreat - Organic Detox Tea

It’s a healthy addition whether you need a boost in energy for the day ahead or to relax post yoga session.  Tasting: Green and herbal with sweet spicy notes.  Ingredients: Organic ginger root, apple, liquorice root, spearmint, juniper berries, dandelion, sea buckthorn leaf, nettle leaf, burdock, artichoke.

Shaded - Organic Green Tea

Made by a renowned 50 year tea artisan who has perfected the pre-harvest shading techniques to minimise astringency and maximise Umami or flavour. This is tea craftsmanship at its finest.  Taste: A long lasting buttery flavour with fresh oceanic notes.  Ingredients: Green tea.

The Empress - Organic Earl Grey

Created during a time of gender inequality, Earl Grey tea became an empowering symbol for women all over the British Empire. It infuses to a well-balanced zingy liquor, with a bright amber colour and a clean fresh after taste.  Taste: Light bodied and mellow with fresh citrus tones.  Ingredients: Organic black tea, white cornflowers, bergamot oil.

The Royal - Organic Breakfast Tea

From the days of the East India Trading Company the subcontinent’s black tea has been the flagship of British culture. This robust cuppa will define your morning routine.  Taste: Full bodied and rich with bright malty notes.  Ingredients: Black tea.